Amazon Shoppers Love the Beachr Beach Umbrella Anchor

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Summer is almost upon us, and with it comes windy trips to the beach and days spent relaxing in the sand. Since no one wants a sunburn, beach necessities like sunscreen, a hat, and an umbrella can make or break your day. These key elements are pretty easy to use, but shoving an umbrella into the sand isn’t exactly foolproof and that windy beach can make it difficult to keep it upright. But more than 4,400 Amazon shoppers have found an ingenious and easy-to-use solution.

The Beachr Beach Umbrella Anchor is here to save the day (and your umbrella from flying away), by creating an effortless, secure, and deep crevice in the sand for your umbrella to stay upright all day. The anchor works in “less than a minute” by inserting it into the ground and using the handles to push it down easily. Once the anchor is in the sand (or grass or dirt), the brand recommends turning the plastic screw that’s pre-drilled into the side to help secure thinner umbrella poles in place. After that, you end up with an instant shadow. Even better, there’s a clickable coupon on the product page for 10% off.

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The umbrella anchor is made from windproof and waterproof plastic, so it won’t rust in the salty beach air. It is extremely sturdy and can withstand wind gusts of up to 50 miles per hour and is lightweight at less than 10 ounces so it can easily be carried in a beach bag or backpack.

One reviewer who said he generally likes to “keep it simple” and pack very little, called the anchor “must have” and “perfect” for the beach. They explained that getting an umbrella to stay in the sand is often a frustrating task, but this anchor “helps tremendously.” They even noted that they had “used it on three different sized umbrellas with no problem.” While others have pointed out that the anchor is a bit larger than expected, reviewers seem to agree that it’s an easy-to-use and compact option to really maximize your time outdoors.

Make sure your umbrella stays upright all day the next time you head to the beach by ordering the Beachr Beach Umbrella Anchor from Amazon today. And be sure to click this coupon for 10% off before you do.

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