All That Is A Quiet Place 2 repeat from the first movie

A Quiet Place 2 repeats several tropes, scenes, and situations from the first film as characters explore the larger apocalyptic world.

that of John Krasinski A quiet place 2 takes the Abbott family into the larger world of the apocalypse directly after the first film, while repeating several key moments from A quiet place. The Sci-Fi Horror Film Series A quiet place follows the Abbott family of Lee, Evelyn, Regan, and Marcus into a post-apocalyptic world where alien monsters of ambiguous origins are drawn to sound. The Abbots are able to adapt quickly to this silent world, as they have an extensive knowledge of American Sign Language due to their daughter’s deafness. As they better understand the weaknesses of monsters and adapt to the dangerous and resource-poor world, A quiet place 2 ends up putting the Abbotts in many of the same situations as the first movie.


Directed by John Krasinski, A quiet place 2 resume immediately after A quiet place, where viewers last saw Evelyn and Regan slay a monster with a shotgun and hearing aid. After John Krasinski’s Lee Abbott sacrificed himself in A quiet place To save Regan and Marcus, the sequel sees the family searching for safety and other survivors. The Abbots quickly find Cillian Murphy’s A quiet place 2 character Emmett, an old friend of theirs who lost his wife and son, who replaces the deceased character of Krasinski. The rest of the sequel follows Emmett and Regan in search of a radio station on a nearby island, while Marcus and Evelyn care for the baby and battle monsters in an abandoned factory.

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After an opening flashback scene at the start of the apocalypse, A quiet place 2 helped continue the aftermath of Abbotts’ story in the wake of the first film’s ambiguous ending, while also adding to the lore and rules of the apocalypse. As the Abbots venture into the world, they discover the A quiet place Weak aliens they can’t swim, survivors had better avoid monsters on an island, and Regan’s hearing aid can be broadcast over the radio to help kill monsters. While A quiet place 2 served its purpose with new world building, character development and suspense, the sequel repeated many tropes and moments from the original film – sometimes for dramatic symbolic effect, and sometimes just to rehash the iconic events of the movie. first film.

Opening scene at the convenience store

A quiet place and A quiet place 2 start end the same convenience store regan ear plant

A quiet place 2 opens with a flashback to the first day of the apocalypse, showing John Krasinski’s Lee as he picks up oranges at the market to bring them to Marcus’ baseball game. A few minutes later, an asteroid would appear in the sky and bring A quiet placealien monsters. A quiet place 2The opening scene of the town’s mini-market directly reflects the start of A quiet place, which sees the Abbott family stocking up at the same store after the apocalypse. The parallel of these two scenes is extremely important, as it underlines the stark contrast of their lives before and after the apocalypse.

Death of a monster by the end of the hearing aid

One of the best reminders of the sequel is that A quiet place 2The ending repeats the final scene from the original. A quiet place ends with Regan and Evelyn facing off against a monster in the basement; Regan uses his hearing aid to knock out the alien, while Evelyn shoots him in the head with a shotgun. A quiet place 2 ends in the same way that a monster attacks Regan and Emmett on the island while another attacks Marcus and Evelyn in the basement. Similar to the original ending, Regan defeats his monster by blasting his hearing aid over the radio and stabbing him in the head, and Marcus shoots his monster in the head while aiming for the hearing aid broadcast. At a time A quiet place films, the film ambiguously goes black directly after killing the monster, suggesting there may still be more to come.

Evelyn’s nails against. Marcus’ bear trap

Perhaps the most memorable scene in A quiet place Aside from the death of John Krasinski’s character, Evelyn accidentally steps on a nail sticking out of her stairs. Already in labor with her baby close A quiet placeends, Evelyn’s intense pain of having a large nail running through her foot causes her to drop a picture frame she was holding, alerting nearby monsters. She covered her mouth to keep from screaming, but it was a moment that made even the strongest viewers cringe. A quiet place 2 repeated this painful situation with Marcus at the start of the film. Before Evelyn, Regan, Marcus, and the baby arrive at the warehouse and find Emmett, Marcus accidentally enters a bear trap which seriously injures his leg. As a child only, Marcus screams in pain as Evelyn covers her mouth to muffle the noise. Evelyn realizes the intensity of his pain and tries to calm him down, but it still alerts the monsters of their location. Regan and Evelyn manage to kill the monster, and they find out soon after A quiet place 2‘s Emmett in the abandoned steel factory.

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Evelyn fights a monster in the water

Water plays an extremely important role in both A quiet place and then, with the natural element allowing the greatest chance of survival. In A quiet place, Lee informs Marcus that running water is drowning in loud noises nearby, giving the survivors the best chance to escape the monster radars. After Evelyn gave birth in A quiet place, she and the baby take a nap in the basement, but the baby cries and alerts a monster. The alien cannot find the source of the noise but collides with a water pipe in the basement, sending rushing water down. Evelyn wakes up in the flooded basement as a monster moves through the water, so she and the baby stay behind a waterfront until the monster leaves. Evelyn’s stance against a monster in the water is repeated for Emily Blunt in A quiet place 2, where she is confronted by an alien in the factory just before she can join her children underground. Having just picked up two oxygen cylinders, Evelyn detonates one, triggering the plant’s sprinkler system. With running water all around, the monster is confused and Evelyn is able to reach her children as the underground hideout begins to flood.

Revisiting Beau’s Tomb

Quiet place 2 Evelyn Cross

A quiet place Originally picks up after the apocalypse has already started, and the film’s first major death is that of the Abbotts’ four-year-old son Beau. He had been killed by a monster just outside the bridge the Abbots have to cross to get home, which happened when he was playing with a rocket that made noise. The family mourned her death and learned to survive better in A quiet placeThe apocalyptic timeline of, but Regan felt partially responsible for Beau’s death because she returned the toy to him after Lee took it away. However, it was Beau who put the batteries back in place after John Krasinski’s character specifically warned him of their danger. After being angry that she was not invited to go fishing with Lee and Marcus, Regan returned to the bridge and visited Beau’s grave to mourn her younger brother. In A quiet place 2, Evelyn must return to town to get more oxygen tanks and medical tanks, so she stops by Beau’s grave and mourns her son.

Marcus takes care of the baby in the middle of a monster attack

Similar to how A quiet place 2 repeated the climactic end of the monster’s death from the original film, the sequel also reused the storyline in which Marcus takes care of the baby while an alien attacks. First A quiet place movie, Marcus is tasked with holding and caring for the baby in the basement while Evelyn and Regan blow up the hearing aid and shoot the monsters with shotguns. Ahead of A quiet place 2ends, Marcus has to take care of the baby alone while Evelyn fights a monster upstairs and Regan fights a monster on the island with Emmett.

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