Active beauty brand Solyph prompted to expand business in light of growing opportunities in health and wellness


Solyph is a Singapore-based brand founded by South Korean Heeseok Jun, which saw a gap in the market for skin care products that could suit the growing active lifestyles of beauty consumers.

In 2018, Jun launched Solyph, a brand that claims to be “Formulated for active people, by active people”.

“Active people who suffer from skin problems that worsen from sweating and heat tend to prefer minimal but effective skin care routines with easily absorbent, water-based, multitasking products. which can be used on the move ‘ Jun told CosmeticsDesign-Asia.

Solyph’s star ingredient

The brand’s flagship ingredient is pine leaf extract, which is harvested in Pyeong Chang, South Korea.

Unlike pine leaves found in other parts of the world, pine leaves harvested in Pyeong Chang are rich in phytoncides and are particularly rich in antioxidants, antibacterial qualities, and have many rejuvenating properties.

They are also rich in HMF, an organic compound that prevents excess melanin production caused by UV rays, providing natural protection against the sun’s rays.

The inclusion of pine leaf extracts ensures that Solyph’s products are suitable for those who have an active lifestyle or spend extended periods in the sun, who tend to be more attentive to cosmetic ingredients, Jun said.

Some of the ingredients they look for include AAA properties – antioxidant, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory – and are not comedogenic. “

Since launching in 2018, Jun believes Solyph’s focus on active beauty is more relevant today than ever.

“Having an active lifestyle has become a new normal for many people today. It has become a way for people to escape and relax in the midst of the pandemic. As part of the move towards a more active lifestyle, consumers view the skincare routine as part of their holistic daily routine.

She added that this has created greater prospects for the brand in the skin care market.

“Being one of the few active lifestyle skin care brands has created a great opportunity for us in terms of gaining more brand awareness and reaching different groups of people. active people from all walks of life looking for sustainable and vegan daily beauty solutions. . “

Broaden horizons

To tap into the trend of active beauty, the company has made efforts to increase its exposure.

In October, the skincare brand announced that it had entered into a deal with e-commerce platform Asian Beauty X (ABX) to sell its products.

ABX co-founder Lyeon Heong told us the brand could tap into personal health and wellness trends that have accelerated due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Many of us have become more active not only to improve our health and resilience, but also to escape the monotony of working from home and other measures that have isolated us even more,” he said. added.Heong said.

“While the pandemic may be temporary, many of these changes to a healthier, more active lifestyle will continue to accompany us. Solyph is a skin care brand that was created for active lifestyles to meet the specific skin needs of active people and we believe its unique positioning will resonate with our users.

Besides Singapore, the brand is also available in South Korea, where it is expected to unveil a flagship store in early 2022.

The company will also seek new growth opportunities in markets such as the United States, China and Russia after experiencing delays in doing so due to the pandemic.

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