A fire in the Gurugram factory empties goods worth several hundred thousand euros; nobody hurt

A fire broke out here at a factory making sofa covers, gutting goods worth thousands of dollars, police said on Saturday. No one was reported injured in the incident.

A dozen firefighters were pressed into service and brought the fire under control in about five hours.

The fire department cited the short circuit as the main cause of the fire. According to fire officials, they received a call around 10:15 p.m. Friday about a fire at a factory that makes chair mattresses and sofa covers in Pace City-2 Plot #711, Sector 37.

The department initially sent five fire tenders to the scene, but as the fire spread due to chemicals stored at the plant, their number grew to around a dozen.

After about five hours of effort at around 3 am, the brigade had the fire under complete control.

“Due to the presence of clothing, mattresses and chemicals in the factory, it took time to bring the fire under control. The firefighting team had to fight for about five hours to completely bring the fire under control.

“The main reason for the fire appears to be a short circuit and the whole matter is being investigated,” said Rajbir Singh, firefighter, Sector 37 Fire Station.

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