A fake sheet metal shed factory exploded in town, 1 arrest | Jaipur News

A police team is investigating inside the factory on Saturday

JAIPUR: A factory that made fake iron sheet sheds and sold them under the name of a major brand has been dismantled by VKI (Industrial Vishwakarma) police Saturday.
Ramesh SainiVKI Police Station SHO said police raided the factory after receiving a tip that it was involved in the illegal manufacture of sheet metal shelters sold in the market on behalf of a leading brand.
“We recovered nearly 20 tonnes of sheet steel sheds. We also seized a laser machine which was used by the defendant to illegally engrave the name of the leading company on the products,” Saini said, adding that the factory manager was later arrested at the site.
The police had received several complaints that this factory in the VKI region was selling counterfeit products on behalf of a branded company. “Police teams examined the area and gathered information on the suspects before searching the local“, said an official.
VKI police said further investigation was underway to find other suspects involved in the case. “We are looking into the role of certain people believed to have a role in the production and management of this plant,” an official said.


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