676 families, 1,400 children will be served by Christmas Bureau | Local news

I love what Rose said next: “They were very organized and very effective people because they had been teachers. You could give them a job and they would. They turned Teen Corner into Teen Christmas – a real Christmas with new clothes and new ‘toys’, which are things older children love, like tech equipment, sports equipment, art supplies, items. toiletries and cosmetics.

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Not only has the Teen Corner changed, but the location of the Christmas Bureau has changed from the Hickory American Legion Fairgrounds to the Hickory Metro Convention Center.

Rose said that before COVID-19, parents who requested a pair of junior girl’s size 7 jeans, for example, could walk into the convention center and browse a stack of girl’s size 7 jeans for particular pairs they wanted. ‘they knew their daughters would love. “Parents know better what their teenager would like,” Rose said, “and when allowed to invest, parents feel empowered, knowing that they’ve bought for their teenager, chosen their gifts and done something for them. their teenager during the holidays.… It became their gift [to their teens], which was our desire.

Now, because of the virus, parents have to stay in the parking lot of the convention center where they receive preselected goods.

Here are some figures that will amaze you: This year, the Christmas Office will serve 676 families, 1,400 children and 410 adolescents. Aside from fundraising, imagine the work it takes to make Christmas happen for nearly 2,000 children, young and old. Rose said about 20 organizations are helping the Christmas office in one way or another. And, since the beginning of Teen Christmas, over 20 dedicated volunteers have worked to make Teen Christmas a reality.

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