Whitchurch: Woman fined after drunken incident at cheese factory

A WHITCHURCH woman has been fined in her absence for an episode of drunkenness and disorder outside a cheese shop in the town.

Emma Crowder, 39 and from Oak Tree Way, failed to appear at Telford Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday September 14, accused of being drunk and disorderly in a public place, but magistrates accepted a request from the prosecutor Sara Beddow to proceed with the prosecution’s case.

The court heard that on July 15 this year police were called to the Nantwich Cheese Company Ltd in the Waymills industrial estate after reports the defendant had thrown objects at the business.

Police Constable Joanne Kettle, based at Market Drayton Station, said she was called into the incident and said she and fellow officers were forced to restrain her while she was arrested.

She added that the defendant, who had been drinking heavily, went to see a friend who worked at the factory.

PC Kettle said: “I was at Market Drayton and at around 3.50pm I was on duty and was asked to attend the Nantwich Cheese Company in Whitchurch as a member of the public, which I later discovered to be Emma Crowder, was extremely drunk and throwing things.

“PC Alan Ambrose was also there and the factory staff too.

“Emma was screaming that she had been stabbed by her ex-boyfriend and pointed to two superficial wounds.

“It was clear that she was clearly drunk and staggering, and it was reported that she was carrying a bottle of Irn Bru with vodka.

“Factory workers said she was throwing things but didn’t cause any damage.

“She said she was there to talk to a friend, who she pointed out and that friend told officers it was not out of order and she would be drinking too much.

“It was reported that she had recently gone through a personal heartbreak and at 4.18pm she was arrested.

“She kept fighting the officers.”

Magistrates heard the defendant had previous convictions for drunkenness and disorder, and was also the subject of a community order as recently as December last year.

They accepted the prosecution case and fined Crowder £660.

She was ordered to pay costs of £150 as well as a victim fine surcharge of £264, paying £1,074 in total.

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