Turkey’s first electric car to enter European markets via Germany


The first models of the Turkish domestic and all-electric vehicle, produced by the Turkish group Automobile Enterprise (TOGG), will roll off mass production lines at the end of 2022 and are expected to hit the country’s market, said the CEO of the industrial entity. , Gürcan Karakaş. , said Tuesday.

Speaking to the German press, he said that after being sold in the domestic market, the vehicles will first enter the German market in about a year and a half and then be available in European markets in general.

Karakaş commented on the developments during his interview with Automobilwoche, the respected automotive publication in Germany, as TOGG also began to receive wide coverage in the European press.

The German publication pointed out that TOGG’s ambitious plans are preparing for a big competition.

Pointing out that TOGG, which was established with the partnership of the most influential companies in the sector in Turkey with a combined investment of 3 billion euros ($ 3.6 billion), the article said: “This is also a transformation project for Turkey. Turkey is one of the most important automotive supplier countries in Europe and has a significant cost advantage.

TOGG has partnered with Chinese battery company Farasis for its electric batteries. The Chinese company has established a factory in Germany and will supply the battery cells from production there.

“We have plans for joint production with the company in Turkey,” Karakaş also said.

At the same time, the Turkish daily Akşam also reiterated that TOGG was planning to take its first steps in European markets from Germany, where there is a large Turkish population.

TOGG started establishing an innovation center in Stuttgart last May and TOGG Europe GmbH will serve as an important base, the report points out.

Commenting further on the company’s export plans and new goals, Karakaş said that it currently employs around 450 people, but the company is growing very rapidly in terms of human resources.

“We expect to reach a total of 800 employees by the end of the year,” he said.

Until 2030, a total of one million units of five different all-electric models, the intellectual and industrial property rights of which are wholly owned by TOGG, will be produced at the TOGG plant in Gemlik in Bursa province, in northwestern Turkey.

In July 2020, a groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of this particular factory, the country’s first national automobile plant, was held in Bursa, known as the country’s automobile capital.

The event came after the country unveiled prototypes of the first fully produced car in the country in December last year. The plant will house an indigenous automotive engineering, design and production center.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said at the ceremony that it was a “historic step” to realize a 60-year-old dream of producing the country’s first national car.

The article published in the German press also indicates that Turkey has stepped up efforts to provide comprehensive charging infrastructure in the country.

More than 4,000 charging stations are expected to be put into service. The investments made aim to set up a standard charging station every 10 kilometers and fast charging stations every 25 km on the main roads.

TOGG will be the first manufacturer of unconventional innate electric SUVs in Europe from 2022, when it will begin production.

In June 2018, five industrial giants – the Anadolu Group, BMC, Kök Group, Turkcell and Zorlu Holding as well as an umbrella organization, the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB) – joined together to create the TOGG. It will produce five different models – a sports utility vehicle (SUV), sedan, c-hatchback, b-SUV and b-MPV – until 2030 and will hold all intellectual and industrial property rights.

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