The first showroom and workshop of the bespoke brand Kalaurie are filled with “modern heritage objects”


According to brand founder Kalaurie Karl-Crooks, every piece in Kalaurie’s first showroom and workshop is designed to be a “modern day heritage,” from the flowy Backwards Forwards dress with a fitted waist and deep V-neck to the back. dress tied at the front. Romantic puff sleeve sweetheart top.

Melbourne’s bespoke label produces a single annual capsule collection of 15 to 20 pieces; each garment is only available while the chosen fabric is exhausted. And these fabrics are mostly animal corpses that would otherwise end up in landfills, such as unused silk, cotton, linen and wool for fabrics from other fashion houses, or wholesalers who sell excess tissue.

Since its birth in 2017, the slow-fashion brand has dedicated itself to the fight against the enormous amount of waste generated by the industry. “I make seasonal clothes that are built on sustainable principles with the goal that they [be] passed down through many hands, ”explains Karl-Crooks. “I operate on the basis that we all need a lot less than we realize. A few well-crafted clothes are worth a hundred poorly made [ones]. “

Her focus on mindful consumption struck a chord with buyers looking for less but better quality, leading her to open the Fitzroy North space after years of designing and working from home. “I felt I was at a point in my business where I was ready to create a dedicated dating environment,” she says. “I love welcoming clients to my home, so it was important for me to translate this personal and intimate experience into my first showroom.

She did so with an eclectic collection of second-hand furniture, a rug from a local handmade rug dealer, bespoke pink copper racks, and sheer white curtains that wrap the windows of the color facade. merlot from the showroom.

Here, find samples of all the styles available from each collection. Kalaurie will be there to guide you and discuss your individual needs and the parts you like. Measurements will then be taken to ensure that each piece is a perfect fit.

The showroom and workshop will also host occasional open days for customers wishing to browse a curated selection of ready-to-wear clothing.

Kalaurie is only open by appointment.

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