Richardson x Penny Slinger capsule collection


Richardson has teamed up with London-born artist Penny Slinger for a new collection that incorporates his signature surreal styles, photocollage and poetry.

As a California-based pro-sex feminist artist, Slinger’s work takes a look at all that is feminine, erotic, and the nature of the self. For the collaborative capsule collection, Richardson uses three of Slinger’s works, including Mountain Ecstasy, 50% The Visible Woman and An Exorcism. In addition, the collaboration offers a preview of the next edition of Richardson magazine, A10, which features excerpts from all three books.

The new collection includes a reversible MA-1 bomber jacket, hoodie, long-sleeved t-shirt, short-sleeved t-shirt, tote bag and baseball cap. Clothing in the collection features images and snippets of Slinger’s work, seen on the white ‘Transfiguration’ long sleeve t-shirt, black ‘Wanted’ hoodie and more. One of the highlights of the collection is the reversible “Death Trip” MA-1 bomber jacket, featuring a simple black “Death Trip” pattern and a more eccentric blue, white and black photo collage design. ‘it is reversed.

With prices ranging from US $ 60 to US $ 326, the collection is available at Richardson stores in NY and LA and on the brand’s website.

In related news, HYPEBEAST has entered Bianca Saunders’ versatile London studio.

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