Readers give their opinion on their favorite HEB brand products


The grocery chain sells more than 22,000 products under its own brand in more than 360 stores across the Lone Star State.

Some items, such as the popular Creamy Creations ice cream, have even garnered a cult following.

The company is one of the largest food manufacturers in Texas, with many ingredients sourced from here as well.

Its namesake brands include Hill Country, HEB Organics, Central Market and Select Ingredients. Dairy products, bread, salty snacks, and other products are made in San Antonio. As one of the largest milk manufacturers in the Southwest, HEB also packs their yogurt and ice cream here.

“The HEB brand is developed for the unique tastes of Texas and goes through a rigorous development process that includes our customers statewide,” said Dya Campos, HEB director of government and public affairs.

HEB launched Mineral Wells Water-Based 1877 Mineral Water in 2020.

Paul Stephen / Staff

Some products are designed to compete with national brands and others have no competitor, according to Campos. No two HEB stores are the same and the layout and availability of some products change with consumer demand.

We asked readers about their favorite HEB brand products – and which ones they’d rather leave on the shelves.

Ice cream, coffee, kettle chips, paper napkins and canned goods took the top spots. Readers tended to skip canned peaches, spray cheese, mayonnaise, and peanut butter.

Scroll down to see what readers had to say. Answers have been edited for clarity.

– What readers are buying –

I’ll be honest, my generic brand HEB car gets better gas mileage than my wife’s Prius. They can’t hurt!

Let’s face it, HEB wins in the dairy section. I don’t buy anything other than HEB brand almond milk and organic cheese. Come to think of it, a lot of the products I buy are HEB brand, including canned goods and fresh meat. The only time I choose to buy branded products is if I want a certain bag of crisps, or the flavor of ice cream for example.

HEB jar pasta sauces are our home essentials. Guests are often surprised when they ask for a recipe. I don’t want to keep a simmering pot of marinara … so at home, it’s in a jar!

HEB pita chips are PHENOMENAL. I never had an interest in pita chips until I was at a friend’s house who had the HEB brand, and now they are an absolute must-have. Honestly, the HEB brand of almost everything is cheaper and tastes / performs better. HEB forever !!

The bear claws of the HEB bakery on Interstate 10 and Boerne Stage Road – the best store in the world.

Canned and frozen vegetables, dairy products including ice cream, peanut butter, crisps, rolls, paper plates, all like HEB or Hill Country Fair are just as good as products from Mark.

I love the hot tortillas made in a bakery with corn and HEB flour: creamy and delicious! Unfortunately, it is still on the bottom shelf and for a disabled person it is extremely difficult to access it. Raise it higher, please!

The HEB store at 1601 Nogalitos opened its doors as it now looks.  Opened in 1945, it has been upgraded several times over the years, most recently with a major renovation in 2014.

The HEB store at 1601 Nogalitos opened its doors as it now looks. Opened in 1945, it has been upgraded several times over the years, most recently with a major renovation in 2014.

Billy Calzada / Personal Photographer

All HEB Organics products are as good or better than their more expensive counterparts. I never used to buy generics, but now I always buy old fashioned oats and HEB Organics quick oats, coconut oil, chocolate blend hot, bagged green salads and canned tomatoes, to name a few.

The Big Chip Cookie is the best store bought chocolate chip cookie I have ever had. My two kids went to college in places without HEB and that’s what they always wanted me to send care packages for.

HEB Restaurant Style Salsa and HEB Shredded Cheese are the best, Pace and Kraft are rubbish in comparison. I always buy branded laundry detergent.

– What readers don’t know –

Fritos and Topo Chico Corn Chips are much better than their H ‑ E ‑ B counterparts. I don’t like the way H ‑ E ‑ B tries to force me to buy their brand by limiting inventory and shelf space. If H ‑ E ‑ B is better I would buy this item. Otherwise, I want the choice of buying a brand, even if it costs a bit more. Or I will buy these brands elsewhere.

Keebler Sandies the pecan cookie. The HE-B brand does not come close.

We should have a choice, increasingly replacing brand names with their HEB brand. I would never trade my Helmans or Duke Mayo for generics etc. Some HEB products are good, but not all of them, besides I love what I grew up on.

HEB recently launched a new line of fan favorite candles with scents of some of their most popular products.

HEB recently launched a new line of fan favorite candles with scents from some of their most popular products.

Courtesy of HEB

I rarely buy the HEB brand. I like the Central Market brand. I make sure to buy quality, tasty and healthy products. I use Amazon for Explore Cuisine edamame pasta, yirgacheffe coffee, and other items that taste great and / or support my health goals. I am gluten free and I am picky. It must taste good or I won’t eat it.

I don’t like their brand of mini cut carrots and I don’t like the coleslaw kit. Neither is as good as the brand name. Their cereals are cheaper but do not do the job.

No generic ketchup; Heinz all the way. And we also care about brands of mustard and other condiments, like hot sauce, wing sauce, etc. We don’t buy generic soda, tuna, or soup. Other than that, we will be buying canned generics, but our main purchase of generics is in the pharmacy section. If there is a generic or HEB brand equivalent, it is the one we buy. Milk / dairy products, we buy HEB brand or whatever is cheaper.

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