Mumbai: Rs 5cr electricity theft in 5 years at the Virar factory, 4 directors reserved | Bombay News

Mumbai: The MSEDCL has detected an electricity theft to the tune of Rs 4.93 crore in an ice factory in Virar. An FIR was registered at the Virar police station on November 4 against four directors of the company, and a fifth person who aided them in the alleged theft.
An official said: “An MSEDCL team carried out a surprise check at the premises on October 30 and 31. The officials came across a few remote controls and gadgets that were used to tamper with the electricity meter and rig the [power usage] readings. During a detailed investigation during the first week of November, officials discovered that the company had stolen 27.8 lakh units of electricity between November 2016 and October 2021. The total theft was valued at 4 , 93 crore rupees and an FIR was then registered at the Virar police station. November 4. Formal notices were issued for the recovery of this sum together with a penalty.
The defendants were convicted under section 138 (punishable action against the consumer when he did not break the seal himself) and 150 (incitement to crime) under the 2003 Law on electricity.
Electricity theft is a major problem in communities where MSEDCL provides electricity. As of September, 127 cases of electricity theft were recorded against consumers in the Mumbai area when a massive check was carried out against rigging meters and keeping them constant at 0-30 consumption units for several months. “It was a new modus operandi to show that there is low consumption. We are now checking all meters that have a consumption of 0 to 30 units to make sure there is no rigging, ”added an official.
Sources said that more than 3.3 lakh of these meters with 0 to 30 read units have been verified by MSEDCL field staff so far.
The electricity utility has also noticed that people facing temporary disconnections in the Mumbai metropolitan area due to non-payment of bills since April 2020 are resorting to electricity theft. Officials have been ordered to register FIRs in most cases, so violators are severely punished.

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