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Ever since she was a young girl, Hilal Ibrahim has struggled with the lack of luxury hijabs on the market.

According to Ibrahim, Muslim women can go to stores like H&M, Target or Macy’s to find a scarf, but none of the styles are designed specifically for women wearing the hijab, completely missing the mark when it comes to length or fit. suitable material.

But as Ibrahim prepared for her high school diploma, she decided to take matters into her own hands and create one.

Its design, made of a red chiffon fabric, garnered compliments from friends and peers, and in 2017, its brand, Henna & Hijabs, a line of avant-garde hijabs made from environmentally friendly materials. environment, was born.

The brand’s mission is twofold: to make shopping modestly easier for Muslim women and to create sustainable products that are ethically responsible for both people and the environment.

This year marks a pivotal moment for the success of Henna & Hijabs thanks to an ongoing partnership with luxury department store Nordstrom on its very first line of hijabs. “It means so much that an American retailer is standing behind me and supporting this vision,” Ibrahim says. “My motivation for this is to break down barriers for women. After all, it’s 2021, it shouldn’t be hard to find the perfect scarf and feel beautiful in it.

Available online and at over 16 Nordstrom stores across the country (including Ridgedale and Mall of America), the collection’s exclusive first series features six hijab styles (from soft pastels and watercolors to bold prints) that range from $ 39 to $ 89, as well as a hijab under a scarf ($ 29) and a set of hijab pins ($ 15). According to Ibrahim, the line was designed with special occasions in mind: weddings, graduation ceremonies and the Eid party. “Muslim women can now find their complete outfit in one store, from shoes to dresses to hijabs,” says Ibrahim.

Having said that, Ibrahim designed his line not only for Muslim women, but for all women looking for a beautiful scarf and to feel empowered. “I know a lot of preconceptions come with the hijab, but I hope that with this product people will see that Muslim women are just as normal and beautiful as everyone else and we also love fashion and we love wear beautiful things, “says Ibrahim.

In response to his partnership with Nordstrom, Ibrahim hopes this is just the start. “My main focus right now is to create accessibility in retail and with Nordstrom I think this is just the start of that and I look forward to really continuing to develop this across the board. . “For us, I hope this is just the start and look forward to more opportunities and partnerships.”

Make no mistake: Ibrahim’s epic department store collaboration isn’t his first innovation to fill a need. In 2019, Ibrahim (who has over 11 years of medical experience) was taking blood in the emergency room and she recognized the need for more medical grade hijabs. The result? The first medical hijab made in an appropriate length, with breathable fabric and panties added for access to tools such as stethoscopes or protective masks.

This design spurred a partnership between the brand and HealthPartners, which became the first hospital in the country to provide hospital hijabs to medical providers and workers. During the pandemic, the brand donated more than 700 of its medical hijabs to local hospitals.

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June 30, 2021



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