Loans for people with a negative credit history

Loans for people with a negative credit history

What to do when life offers you an offer you can’t refuse? For example, you receive an invitation to a concert of your favorite artist for the first time in Poland in years. After a while, however, it turns out that you are running out of cash? What will you do then Will you reject or accept this offer?

As soon as you realize that some proposals are too special to reject, you apply for a loan at a nearby bank to cover the costs of the event and travel. Unfortunately, due to minor financial complications with the credit card that took place a few years ago, your credit rating is currently not very favorable and you cannot get a loan from the bank. And what now? What options do you have to choose?

How to get out of a difficult situation?


Money can be a powerful tool that opens the door and paves us the way to further opportunities. So what can you do if you have the chance to take this opportunity to change something in your life and have a negative credit rating? Read on and find out how you can get out of this situation victoriously.

When the bank does not help

Do you have a negative credit rating? Do not worry. There are solutions for you in the form of short-term loans that can be used even when traditional banks refuse.

You may have had problems in the past, we understand that. It can happen to anyone. We would be pleased to welcome you to Good Finance! We always try to tell you so when other banks and financial institutions say no. We are often able to help people with negative credit ratings in the field of quick short – term loans.

A positive new start


We believe that borrowing money is more than just a financial transaction. In our opinion, it is a mutual relationship built on trust and reliability. At Good Finance we are open to everyone. If you have a negative credit opinion and need access to money to implement your plans, you can come to us for a microloan.

If we approve your application, you’ll get a small amount to start with. As soon as you pay it back within the schedule, we can increase the amount of loan granted to you next time, if necessary. Applying with Good Finance is very simple. Go to our website and complete the online application. Filling out the application takes only a few minutes, and after its approval, the funds will be on your account the same day!