Here’s what David Bowie kept in his makeup bag

“He’s got the perfect face for makeup,” makeup artist Pierre LaRoche once said of David Bowie, whose extraordinary life is explored in the new documentary Lunar Reverie, in theaters worldwide today. This face slashed by lightning on its sane aladdin album cover; that forehead stamped with a gold sphere punctuating his celestial persona of Ziggy Stardust; that graphic electric blue gaze playing on her fiery red mullet in the “Life on Mars?” Musical clip. If the Brixton-born rocker’s love affair with makeup wasn’t a genetic predisposition, it was, at the very least, written in the stars.

Photo: Getty Images

As aware of what he applied to his face as he was of the poetic and lovely words he recited and the alluring and bizarre costumes he slipped into, Bowie’s makeup collection was a menagerie of treasures bought around the world. According to a 1973 music scene article entitled “David Bowie’s Makeup Dos and Don’ts”, he was a loyal customer of a small boutique in Rome, Italy, which had brightly colored multi-purpose powders, such as Make Up For Ever’s Pure Pigments, shovel. In tandem with bold shadows, he coated his lashes with black, sometimes blue, cake mascara and intense Indian smudges. kajal, or kohl, sticks close to the roots. To give his eye designs a bigger canvas, he canceled his eyebrows by shaving them off. Thus, taking her two-tone steely look to a new, otherworldly level.

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