Fountain Lake fills Magnet Cove in a fundraising game


FOUNTAIN LAKE – A high powered rush attack saw the Fountain Lake Cobras defeat Magnet Cove 33-7 in a fundraising game Thursday night at Allen Tillery Field.

The teams played four 10-minute quarterbacks, with no live special teams, before ending the night with 10 offensive games for each team.

Steven DeArmon led the charge for the Cobras on the night, making two touchdowns as the senior running back contributed on both sides of the ball.

“Steven played well,” said Fountain Lake head coach Kenny Shelton. “He’s doing really well. I’m proud of him. All of our backs ran really hard.”

Just like in previous years, the Fountain Lake team is low in numbers heading into the regular season. Several players played both sides of the ball against the Panthers, and Shelton stressed how important it is for the Cobras to end the night injury-free.

“One thing I think they really realize is that we really need to get in better physical condition,” he said. “We’re really thin this year. Not a lot of depth. (Thursday night) started off really hot, and they realized there was a reason we were getting ready and running.”

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Last season, Fountain Lake was unable to play their scrum match or their first game of the year and it impacted the squad for a few weeks.

“It’s so important,” Shelton said. “(Last season) we were so far behind. It took us three or four weeks to really feel like we were starting to catch up. It was great for conditioning, great for hitting someone else for change. Really a good confidence booster with the result. “

Magnet Cove head coach Caleb Carmikle said it was a disappointing night to be a Panther.

“I was very disappointed with the way we played, the way we competed and the way we acted,” he said. “We have a lot to think about. Fountain Lake is certainly a very good football program, and I think they’re going to have a good team, but our focus tonight was on us, and we didn’t. good job in all facets of the game – attack, defense, special teams, the way we acted. “

After the game Carmikle spoke to his team in the end zone for a while, and while he wasn’t worried about the score in a benefit game, he told his team he was disappointed. the lack of effort and lack of character they have shown. in the night.

“I’ve been on teams that are embarrassed at first and then come back to have good seasons,” said Carmikle. “I hope that will happen and that we can do some soul searching and meet up in the next one.”

Wasting no time to get into the end zone, Fountain Lake scored from the game’s first drive.

Junior quarterback Wesley Campbell commanded the Cobras’ double-winged offense on the field while DeArmon and fellow running back Caleb Lacy carried the load for most of the trip.

However, it was Campbell who finished the race scoring in an unusual way.

From the fourth and one to the 21-yard line, Campbell attempted a stealth quarterback to pick up the first base, but he found himself in acres of space, strolling through the end zone on a 21-yard run. yards.

Shelton said the game was “absolutely not” how the Cobras had designed it, but a change of defensive line created a gap for Campbell.

“They lost him in the shuffle, he’s definitely not the fastest guy,” he said. “I don’t know who was more shocked, him or us, when he walked into the end zone. I joked with him, I said, ‘That could be more yards than you. have been doing it all season combined. “”

Campbell missed the extra point as the Cobras took a 6-0 lead. Running special teams would be a running problem for the junior throughout the night, missing two extra point attempts and one field goal attempt.

Ahead of the game, Shelton was confident in Campbell’s punching ability, and he attributed the special team’s woes to a host of factors, including Campbell looking away, a bad snap and a bad catch.

“We have to work on our extra points and our field positions,” Shelton said. “In practice we looked really good. In fact, he kicked both 50 and 52 yard baskets. We struggled and only scored one extra point, and it was no rush. . This is something we have to sort out before Hot Springs. We value our special teams a lot. “

Magnet Cove followed the run from Fountain Lake with a walk to the 10-yard line, but Panthers quarterback Evin Ashcraft threw an interception as the Cobras sent the ball back across the field. The Fountain Lake defense ended up being three turnovers on the night.

“The defense did a great job forcing a few turnovers – you still have to work on some pursuit,” Shelton said. “Sometimes you could tell that they were a little tired on the defensive line, that they gave up a little too much ground. You really have to work on fundamental tackles but overall you know again, l The effort was there. They invaded the ball; we just need to perform better. “

Despite the change in momentum after Ashcraft’s interception, Taten Smith missed the ball four games later to return the ball to the visitors, but the Panthers returned the ball to Fountain Lake after a three-and-out.

In the very first snap of the next drive, DeArmon exploded for a 40-yard touchdown down the right side of the court. He then pitched on the ensuing 2-point conversion to give the Cobras a 14-0 lead.

Struggling to find rhythm on offense, Magnet Cove threw another interception, this time at Juan Diggs.

“There are a lot of communication issues,” Carmikle said. “We struggled to communicate pass protection early on, and our quarterback and receivers just aren’t on the same page right now with the routes they’re running. only way to solve this problem is to work and improve, and I think we will. “

With Campbell under center and on a rare but effective passing play, the junior quarterback found Smith on a reverse pass. Clearly taking the Panther defense off guard, there was no one around Smith as he ran into the end zone.

Campbell missed his second extra point of the night as Fountain Lake took a 20-0 lead.

Senior defensive lineman Demarius Grant jumped on a fumble from Magnet Cove for another turnover, but after the Cobras were unable to kick the ball into the end zone, Campbell missed his field goal attempt. .

In the third quarter and not slowing down, DeArmon made a cut to the right side of the field in a run that had originally gone to the left. The cut left the Panthers defense on its heels as the senior running back scored another touchdown, but he was stopped dead on the 2-point conversion.

“I think it was his last touchdown run,” Shelton said. “Just really good vision. They chased too much, and he was able to cut back where the hole wasn’t designed, but it was definitely there. Our offensive line did a great job cleaning up the d-line, and it had vision and made that cut and had a great run. “

Smith scored the final touchdown for the Cobras as the junior hit him from the 3-yard line. Campbell converted PAT for a 33-0 lead.

During the last drive of the fourth quarter, Magnet Cove managed to score points on the board. A monster pass from Ashcraft to Kizer Kidder put the Panthers at the 10-yard line.

A few plays later, Judge Traylor ran into the end zone for a 5-yard touchdown to establish the final after a successful kick.

“We’ve been waiting (Kidder) to make a game like this for a long time,” Carmikle said. “I hope this is a sign of things to come.”

Magnet Cove ended his 10 offensive games in the final scrum stage with a failed snap and a narrow Cade Davis win.

As a quarterback for Fountain Lake’s 10 offensive games, DeArmon found Trystan Redifer for a touchdown pass to close the night’s scoring.

The Cobras open their season Thursday when they host Hot Springs at 7 p.m. ET. Magnet Cove opens its season next Friday in Murfreesboro.

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