Cult bag brand challenges Australian accessories market



Green says neoprene is a material designed for the modern world. “It’s versatile and has universal appeal. Our clients include moms, students, fashionistas and sportswear enthusiasts and everyone in between. We offer a versatile bag option for everyone.

A serial entrepreneur, Green has been developing businesses from a young age. “I started working on projects at a young age. I used to get clothes from markets and op stores, modify them and resell them on eBay. I also printed Justin Bieber t-shirts that I promoted on Tumblr when he was at his peak. They have gone viral. I just like to be creative; it’s in my nature.

Green was working in retail when she started the business and was enrolled in the first year of a business entrepreneurship degree. A light bulb moment that the business was his destiny led Green to drop out of college to devote his full attention to Prene.

The business was a resounding success early on and retailers ran out of stock as soon as they received deliveries. “They had waiting lists and even customers were fighting over inventory. It was very strange, but very exciting.

At first, she packed all the orders in her parents’ garage with their help. “We worked around the clock to meet the demand that was increasing every day. “

She says she got her entrepreneurial spirit from her father, who provided invaluable support.

“I would be lost without him and the support of my family; that was all practical deck in the early days. I quickly learned to wear many hats including design, marketing, accounting, packaging, customer service, and social media. I learned how to run an e-commerce and wholesale business and loved it.

Prene set some serious goals in his short life. In 2019, Green began collaborating with the Australian Open to create sports bags for athletes. The consumer line of the same product sold out on the first day of the tournament. Right now, Green is developing a lineup for Tennis Australia for next year’s tournament.

Green recently collaborated with Bec Judd for the second time to create a 10-piece capsule collection, after the first collaboration sold out two years ago. Prene also produced a cooler bag with the Brown Brothers wine label, sold in Liquorland and Coles stores nationwide. “It’s gone crazy. Coles asked me to stop promoting the collaboration because they were absolutely inundated with demand.”

She relies on the support of NAB to run the business. “There has always been a great response from our NAB Business and Private Wealth bankers for any needs we have. They helped us with letters of credit and payment gateways and everything we need to support the financial side of the business. It’s great to have a personal relationship with our bankers; even something as simple as being able to talk to someone when you need help is nice.

She says the company is only at the start of her journey. “We are diversifying into new product categories and expanding into new markets. We’ve done a lot of work this year to support next year’s growth.

While disruptions to the global supply chain impacted operations last year, supply lines have since normalized. “We just received a huge Christmas delivery of stock and we are in a much better position this year.”

Green has a bold vision for the future. “I see Prene as the parent brand for several sub-brands in new product categories. I want us to be a household name, with an amazing corporate structure and the best team in the world.

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