Chanel Korea apologizes for customer data leak


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Chanel Korea apologizes for customer data leak

Chanel Korea's official apology, posted on its website / Screenshot of Chanel Korea's website
Chanel Korea’s official apology, posted on its website / Screenshot of Chanel Korea’s website

By Kim Jae-heun

Online thieves managed to steal customer data, including phone numbers, in a cyberattack on certain data centers operated by Chanel Korea. It is not known whether customers affected by the data breach will take legal action against the Korean company of the French luxury brand.

In a rare move, Chanel Korea issued a public apology after disclosing the customer data leak that occurred between August 5 and 6.

“Portions of our database, containing the personal information of customers who had registered to become a member of our cosmetics brand, have been compromised. Personal information disclosed includes: names, birthdays, phone numbers and product shopping lists, “wrote Chanel Korea on its official website. website.

Customers who had agreed to provide their addresses, gender and email addresses were also stolen this personal information. The vulnerabilities of the site would have been corrected since their discovery. Chanel Korea said it took immediate action to identify the cause of the incident, while blocking the compromised internet protocol as well as illegal access routes to its database.

The French luxury brand added that the stolen data did not include customer passwords or registration information.

“Those whose personal information has been disclosed have been notified individually by us via emails or SMS. If you have been contacted by an unknown number or email suspected of having misused your personal information, or if you believe have already suffered leak damage, please contact us by phone or email, ”said Chanel Korea. “We sincerely apologize for causing this inconvenience.”

The luxury brand is teaming up with a private cybersecurity firm, as well as the Korea Internet & Security Agency and the Personal Information Protection Commission, to investigate the case.

Secondary damage is expected as various other types of personal information have also been disclosed. Chanel Korea said it could not confirm the number of victims of the cyberattack. He only said that the head office is about to pay compensation to those affected.

Previously, when similar data leaks occurred at the Internet financial service Toss and the local cryptocurrency exchange Bithumb and their clients’ personal information was compromised, the two companies voluntarily offered 100,000 won ($ 87.37 ) in compensation per victim.

Meanwhile, local customers have already complained, as Chanel Korea has increased the prices of its popular handbags and clothing twice this year, while failing to protect customers’ personal data.

“When we think of Chanel, we expect the best quality products and top level service. That is why we spend thousands of dollars in their stores. Chanel Korea should compensate its customers who have been affected by the cyber attack.” said a Chanel Korea customer. noted.

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