Bewakoof launches fashion collection inspired by the streets of India

Bewakoof launched streetwear as a new category with designs inspired by Gully. The brand has announced the launch of its very first streetwear collection – Seedhe Gully Se.

Inspired by the streets of India, Bewakoof’s streetwear collection is an ode to the many Indies that reside in the ravines of our subways and small towns. The company also released a bold brand video showcasing its collection across all digital platforms. The video is already garnering a lot of love (over 2 million views on YouTube alone) and customers are virtually lining up to get their hands on the latest collection. The video, although in the hip hop and rapper zone, reintroduces ekdum desi Pungi music into the mainstream with great aplomb.

Prabhkiran Singh, Founding CEO of Bewakoof, said: “History is that there is no history, the rule is that there is no rule. Bewakoof follows the no norm principle with this new category. Based on the underground movement and going from flashy to wearing its own attitude, streetwear allows young people to leave labels and put themselves in their skin.

Bewakoof Streetwear offers a range of hyper prints, color blocks, stockings and more, regardless of gender. The collection of over 100 references is aimed at fashion lovers who want to express themselves as they do on their social networks by posting written images, art or any other creative form that helps them share their voice. with people. The theme of the “Modern Noise” collection is inspired by people who wear their attitude through clothing.

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